2020 Accomplishments

2020 has been such a significant year for LCU! God is undeniably marking a generation and LCU is truly a Jesus movement for an uncompromising generation!

Below is a list of just some of the accomplishments by God’s grace alone. We are so thankful for all Jesus has done, is doing, and will do in the years to come and we are celebrating all that’s been accomplished!

  • LCU successfully navigated COVID, with student surveys displaying high remarks for how well students felt equipped and able to stay connected through the unexpected. Every student was provided with personal touchpoints, connection points with fellow students, and one-on-one’s with pastors as needed. 
  • We transitioned from being a semester-long program to being a year-long program, while maintaining student numbers and increasing the quality of all that’s offered through LCU (based on student feedback and prayer), all while navigating COVID. 
  • We launched our first LCU Internship Year, sending LCU Interns out across the USA and to nations to serve in missions, the marketplace, and the local church! We’ve also successfully raised up LCU Interns in-house, championing them in their giftings as they take on responsibilities, serve, and run in their giftings right here at Lifestyle Christianity. 
  • We expanded our LCU Pastoral Team, introducing 4 new female student pastors, and now have a team of 7, our largest LCU Pastoral Team to date (3 men, 4 women). The expansion of our team has been incredibly successful and has enabled us to care for and shepherd our students intentionally and personally and begin building things God has specifically placed on our hearts for the students, the culture, and the future of LCU. 
  • We launched LCU Online, offering the curriculum and transformative teaching of LCU to anyone anywhere in the world for the first time ever! With students from all over the USA and globe, LCU Onine has been an incredible success with high student reviews and feedback for student connectedness and quality of teaching and equipping they’re receiving to be the hands and feet of Jesus from wherever they are! 
  • We introduced and launched our LCU Alumni Association, creating tools and means of staying connected with all those who have gone through LCU at any capacity. 
  • We have begun building out a spanish school! LCU in spanish will be launching in September of 2021 with the goal of equipping those around the world in spanish speaking countries. The experience of our spanish school will the same as the experience offered to students through LCU Online, which has high student reviews for feelings of connectedness, equipping, transformative teaching, and pastoral care. 
  • We’ve begun building an articulation agreement with an accredited Bible college in Seattle and are in conversations with one in Portland and with Kings University and will continue pursuing these relationships and agreements through 2021 in order to better serve our LCU Students. 

LCU Online 

Our first-ever LCU Online class launched in September of 2020 with students joining live or on-demand from around the USA and the world every day that LCU is meeting! Many states and nations are represented in our LCU Online student body and our LCU Online Students have quickly become an integral part of our LCU family at-large, interacting weekly with pastors, gathering virtually in life-groups, and even visiting in-person and spending time on campus during our LCU Online Student week, which happens once every semester. We have received positive feedback for the level of connectedness our LCU Online students feel, the pastoral care offered to them, and for the quality of teaching and equipping they’re receiving from wherever they’re joining us from. The testimonies of transformation in our LCU Online students (and their families and communities!) are truly remarkable. We’re expectant for how Jesus will multiply its growth to train and equip people of all ages, in all countries to be the love of Jesus to our world and we are anticipating and preparing for great growth in our LCU Online school, as well as our LCU Spanish School, which will offer the same technology and opportunity to any spanish speaking nation!