Lifestyle Christianity University is a world-class training center that raises, equips, and empowers believers of all ages to walk in the power, love, and sound mind of Jesus everywhere they go. The emphasis of this University is not “studying” for the sake of learning; it is learning in order to be changed. Yes, LCU is not your typical “university!”

Freedom in Christ

When Jesus died on the cross, He didn’t just die for us but as us. Jesus’ sacrifice enables us to live with a clean conscience—free from guilt, shame, and condemnation. Jesus paid the highest price for our sanctification; by His blood, issues from our past don’t have to define our present or future. As the Bible says, “We are new creatures in Christ.” He has already done the work. We just have to believe it.

Righteous Conviction

When we say yes to Him, the Holy Spirit brings conviction of our right-standing with the Father. Conviction of our right-standing with God causes us to no longer have a desire to do things that are unpleasing to Him. When we see ourselves as He sees us—through the lens of righteousness, we don’t want to do things that violate our love relationship with the Father.

Grace-Enabled Living

 Jesus paid a valuable price because He wants to restore our broken lives and put them back together like we could never imagine – but He always imagined! As we grow in God, much is expected and required of us. But in relationship with Holy Ghost, grace is released that enables us to walk out what His truth calls us to! By grace we are saved, but it’s through relationship that we abide in restful freedom, ‘becoming love’ to everyone we encounter.

Adoption into His Family

Adoption is powerful. When we come to Christ, we are adopted into a new life, family, and bloodline. It’s important that we know that the reality of the gospel is that Jesus paid a price to establish sons and daughters with God as their Father. If we understand Who’s we are, we’ll never question who we are, because He paid the highest price.

Intimacy with the Lord

God loves us and wants a relationship with each of us. He longs for us to dive into the Word to know Him. God knows the details of each one of our lives, but time alone with Him changes everything. We begin to know Him in ways that we never thought possible as we step into an intimate relationship with the King of kings!

His Blood Is Enough

 What if we fully realized that Jesus didn’t just cleanse us from sin but removed it from us – never to be revisited again. When we believe that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin, we will live in a place of “conviction” – being constantly reminded of who we are in Jesus so that we don’t step into who we aren’t. His laws, written on our hearts—not the old sinful nature—controls our life. True freedom!

The Lifestyle of Jesus

 Everywhere we go, we emulate Jesus. Colossians tells us that Christ in us is the hope of Glory! We can’t afford to limit ourselves and think that only Jesus could walk in the miraculous. We as Christians have Christ in us, and the same power that raised Him from the grave. We must believe that Jesus wants to work through us for supernatural results.

Radical Generosity

Generosity is our privilege because Jesus was first generous towards us. Each day is an opportunity to bless people with our words and acts of kindness. To be blessed means to be on the receiving end of the tangible and intangible favor of God. As we live full of generosity towards others, we reveal the nature of our generous Father and sow seeds for eternal harvest.

God’s Word Transforms

Studying God’s Truth empowers us to believe in who He is, who we are, and how He wants us to live. His Word was not given so we can teach others Biblical facts. His Word was given so we can enter into a relationship with the living God! Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would dwell in us and, as we are dependent upon Him, He is ready, willing, and available to reveal all Truth to us (John 16:13; 1 John 2:27).


Lifestyle Christianity exists to bring Christians closer to Christ, secure believers in the Father’s love, strengthen Christ followers in their confidence in the Holy Spirit, and embrace the simple message of the gospel so that Jesus can flow through believers everywhere they go! To learn more, visit our Statement of Faith.