Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years. He was at the point of suicide when God came into his life and set him free. As a new believer, Todd began sharing the simplicity of the Kingdom Gospel and what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross. It was common for Todd to see dozens of people healed as he shared Christ’s love for them throughout his normal everyday life. Since this time, Todd has been passionately pursuing his call to see people fully walking in their identity in both the purity and power available in Christ. Nearly ten years after Todd’s powerful salvation experience, Todd White followed God’s directive to launch Lifestyle Christianity — a ministry centered on seeing people walk in their God-given identity and share the love of Jesus everywhere they go.

In January 2016, Lifestyle Christianity relocated its headquarters from Abbottstown, Pennsylvania to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Simultaneously with this relocation, Power and Love Ministries merged with and became a department of Lifestyle Christianity. With a desire to see more people walk in their God-given identity, these two ministries–now operating as one–have increased the size and scope of this unique evangelistic training both locally in Dallas-Fort Worth and around the world. To date, Lifestyle Christianity has seen thousands equipped with tools to reach the lost through Power and Love training events, online and digital media, and Todd’s preaching schedule.

Nearly four months after the relocation to Dallas, Todd received a word from the Lord through Shawn Bolz — of land with multiple buildings that would be coming soon. The word from Shawn only confirmed what God had already had been impressing on Todd’s heart — a desire to create an international hub to train “people to impact people” with the power and love of God.

In 2019, LCU Online was launched as an effort to enable thousands to train with Lifestyle Christianity University from wherever they are. LCU Online allows us to extend the training across the globe to students that otherwise would not be able to train at the Dallas-Fort Worth campus. Online students now enroll with one or more people in their locality or region — enabling them to put into practice what they are learning through local times of ‘outreach’ with other likeminded LCU students.

Over the next decade, Lifestyle Christianity University will train thousands to reach millions. LCU is a place that fulfills God’s heart to multiply this ‘Jesus lifestyle’ in the life of every believer. What God has already done through online media and four-day training events can now only increase through the ripple effect of LCU’s online and on-site training.

“We’re raising up the next generation!”