Can’t attend LCU for a full year? Skip the application process and immerse yourself in the LCU culture for a day, a week or whenever your schedule allows, for only $50 per day.

LCU Audit allows you to participate for an entire day as an audit student (single-day, non-enrolled student).

LCU Audit Students Guidelines 

Lifestyle Christianity University is a ministry equipping school consisting of a body of students that have undergone an interview process, paid a tuition, and have been accepted to LCU.  We at Lifestyle Christianity want to give those who are not students the opportunity to come hear our speakers and experience an amazing God encounter at LCU without having to be full time students. To do this we have developed a program where the public can have audit days throughout the school year. An audit day can be purchased the day the audit student would like to attend or they can schedule their audit days at  

Audit students must be 18 years or older. If you are a prospective student looking to audit LCU at the age of 17, then you must be accompanied by a parent. 
Parents who wish to audit, please be aware that children 17 years old and under, are not allowed. (exception-17 years, if prospective student with parent) and we except mothers nursing up to 4 month old infants.