We’re raising up the next generation!

No matter what your story is or how you got here, we believe that Jesus is inviting you into THE MORE. 

Todd White


Todd White

Founder & President

William Hinn

LCU Senior Pastor

Robert McKinney

Chief Executive Officer

Sabrina McKinney

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Chip Payne

LCU Director

Joey Blodgett

LCU Student Pastor

Abby Lavarda

Admissions Coordinator

Mikell Elliot

Admissions Advisor

Cauleen Crane

Registrar & Alumni Coordinator

Mary Maritz

Registrar & Alumni Assistant

Ronnie Rosas

LCU Student Pastor

Tom Dermont

LCU Student Pastor

Hirchie Schaffner

Assistant Pastor

Jenny Phillips

LCU Student Pastor

Kaleigh Williams

Worship Pastor

Kenny Martz

Worship Coordinator