Why attend Lifestyle Christianity University?

After hosting over 100 Power & Love events around the world, we have seen the incredible impact on individuals as they apply very simple truths and are transformed to walk in God’s plan for their lives. There are so many choices out there for Christians — conferences, ministry schools, bible colleges, leadership development programs, seminaries, and more. We believe that God has raised up LCU to rocket the “normal Christian” to maturity, allowing this generation — both young and old — to walk like Jesus . . . like we have never seen before!

How are the programs formatted at Lifestyle Christianity University?

Lifestyle Christianity University consists of 3 years. A summary of each year is available at the bottom of this page. Apply now for the Spring 2020 semester of Lifestyle 1 — a year long program — beginning on Monday, January 13, 2020. Classroom time will occur Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 1:00pm and will be composed of worship, extended teaching, outreach, elective classes, and interactive discussion groups.

Lifestyle 1 | Teaching Highlights

Identity in Christ and Overflow in the Holy Spirit

  • Emphasis on identity and walking in the new creation reality
  • Emphasis on walking free from sin and free from your past
  • Emphasis on outreach and applying teaching received in the classroom
  • Emphasis on developing a relationship with Holy Spirit as your main teacher
  • Emphasis on feeding yourself on the word as a lifelong habit
  • Emphasis on living an overflow life characterized by generous giving
  • Emphasis on being a Christian in the workplace


What should you NOT expect if you attend LCU?

. . . a typical college course schedule

. . . Grading on the typical A, B, C scale

. . . Boring lectures that don’t apply to your life

. . . Teaching, teaching, and more teaching with no application

What should you expect if you attend LCU?

Practical Teaching from Handpicked Speakers

Todd White, Lou Engle, Dan Mohler, Daniel Kolenda, Michael Koulianos, Eric Gilmour, Brian Guerin, John Bevere, Sean Smith, Andy Byrd , David Wagner, Andrew Cannon, Chris Gore, Cindy Jacobs, Keith Mitzel, Bobby Connor, Don Wolabaugh and many other handpicked guest speakers.

LCU places a high value on PRACTICAL training. In addition to Todd White ministering each week, handpicked leaders will teach the Scriptures and equip you to minister in everyday life situations so that you — and the Holy Spirit — will be confident in whatever the Lord brings across your path.

Weekly, City-wide Training & Outreach

LCU students will encourage and train people from across the Dallas-Fort Worth area to grow in a lifestyle of Christianity each Sunday night at 6pm. This weekly night of worship, training, and outreach takes place at the Lifestyle Christianity Training Center and allows students to walk out the practical application of what they are learning Monday-Friday in classes. Starting Fall 2019, Sunday nights are a required time of weekly training for LCU students and an integral part of the LCU curriculum because of the opportunity to train and equip others in what they are learning throughout the week.

Exceptions may be made for employment reasons on a case by case basis. All exceptions must be approved by your LCU pastor.

For more information about Love In Action, please visit lifestylechristianity.com/event.

Programs Offered




Lifestyle 1 is a one-year program designed for everyone; young adults, moms, business owners, doctors, lawyers, pastors, everyone! You will be launched into a lifestyle of love and Holy Spirit power that will change the trajectory of your life. If you want to live at a level of Christian living worthy of what Jesus has called you to, this program is for you. Start your application today!

Lifestyle 2 is a one-year program designed for those that believe they are called to be equippers in the body of Christ — pastors, teachers, missionaries, ministry leaders, itinerants, prophets, worship leaders, and church planters. You’ll grow in your gifting through practical application and ministering on a daily basis. Completion of year 1 is necessary to enroll in LCU year 2.

Lifestyle 3 is a year-long internship with either Lifestyle Christianity or a church or ministry. In this internship-like setting, students will be given practical on the job training while blessing a local church or ministry through their involvement. Not every applicant is guaranteed a match. Financial arrangements will vary from internship to internship. Completion of Lifestyle 1 and 2 is necessary to enroll in Lifestyle 3. Further details will be available beginning January 2020.