Calling All Singers & Musicians!

Each semester we build student-led teams to lead us in worship. If you are a singer and/or a musician who loves to worship, we are looking for you!

Here’s How to Apply

1. Record & Upload a YouTube Video

Record & upload a YouTube video of you singing or playing two of your favorite worship songs (preferably one upbeat and one slow song), and send the link to Pastor Anna Byrd at [email protected].

2. Fill out Application Questions

Answer the questions honestly — without overthinking them. We want to know your initial response so that we can get to know you better!

3. Wait to Hear from Us

Wait to hear back from us! You’ll be receiving an email letting you know whether or not we feel like this semester is right for you to lead from the platform, or whether we would like for you to lead alongside your peers!

Unsure How to Upload a Youtube Video?

If you’re unsure how to upload a video to YouTube, click here for a tutorial.

In-Person Evaluation

Please be aware, that if selected, you will be required to be available for an in-person evaluation sometime during the first week of school. People that are unavailable to attend the in-person evaluation WILL NOT be considered for this semester.

Application Notification Timeline

Following completion of your worship team application, please allow up to two weeks for a reply. Our email response to you will include details about further steps you will need to take and information about upcoming team meetings and evaluation dates.