Program Overview

Lifestyle Evangelism


Our goal is simple: to equip you to take the gospel outside of the 4 walls of the church as part of your everyday life.

Lifestyle Christianity University (LCU) is an equipping program designed to disciple you in your God-given identity and equip you to extend the love of Jesus in your day-to-day life! Providing hands-on, affordable, community- and Presence-driven training. Our vision is to reproduce sons and daughters conformed to the image of God who live a Kingdom lifestyle in every sphere of influence. LCU offers a 2-year program with a 3rd year internship. Classroom time occurs Monday through Thursday from 8:30am until 1:00pm. Students receive their equipping through worship, anointed teaching from Todd White, LCU pastors, and current, dynamic voices in the body of Christ, discipleship-focused Life Groups, and weekly evangelistic outreach. We equip our students to encounter Jesus, walk in freedom, and live the lifestyle.

Year 1


Encounter Jesus

The objective of LCU 1 is to lay the foundation for every student to come into their identity as a son or daughter of God by equipping them to be disciples in the Word and Presence of Jesus.
  • Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Abba Foundation
  • Righteousness
  • Living Free
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Lifestyle Evangelism
  • Galatians

Year 2


Walk in Freedom

The objective of LCU 2 is for every student to build on their foundation of sonship by equipping them to cultivate personal partnership with the Holy Spirit, walking out their freedom both through ministry to the Lord and lifestyle evangelism.
  • Practicing the Presence
  • The Glory
  • The Covenants
  • Five-Fold Ministry
  • Spiritual Authority
  • Gospel of John

Year 3


Live the Lifestyle

The objective of LCU 3 is for every intern to have hands-on application of their equipping to live a lifestyle of Christianity that can be experienced everywhere they go. Internships are completed either through LCU or another approved ministry.
  • Humility
  • Culture of Honor
  • Servant Leadership
  • Ministry Training
  • Marketplace Ministry


Worship Academy


The LCU Worship Academy is an extra cost training course designed for LCU students who are passionate about developing their gifts. This is about more than playing an instrument or singing. It’s about deepening your understanding of worship, and growing in your anointing to lead others into the presence of God. Plus, you’ll be releasing songs of worship with us to spread the love of Jesus to the world.

Students who decide to enroll in the LCU Worship Academy will get practical training to develop:

  • Musicianship – music theory, technique, and tools
  • Creativity – songwriting, spontaneity, and set planning
  • Worship Leadership – vocal training, stage presence, and team building

Key voices in worship that you will get teaching from* include:

Jeremy Riddle

Tiffany Hudson

Chris Klimis

Jeremy Camp

Josh Baldwin

Dominique Hughes

Brandon Lake

Jason Upton

Britt Nicole

Zach Neese

Seth Yates

Eddie James

Lindy Cofer

Demetria Stallings

Seth McConkey

And more!

*Teachers featured are subject to speaker availability. Additionally, depending on availability, teaching will be provided either in-person or by in-classroom livestream.

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Guest Endorsements

We believe that God has raised up LCU to rocket the “normal Christian” to maturity, allowing this generation — both young and old — to walk like Jesus.

Transformed together in His image.

Student Life


Lifestyle Christianity University is pleased to provide multiple off-campus housing opportunities for students relocating to Dallas-Fort Worth. The information is presented as a service. LCU does not endorse any specific website, realtor, apartment, or home.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is designed as a reference guide for your time at LCU. Through the handbook, you’ll learn more about what life is like at Lifestyle Christianity University as well as gain a fuller understanding of our expectations for students. Click below to view the handbook.

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Student Stories


2022 LCU Graduate


2022 LCU Intern


Considering a college degree? Earn dual credit and graduate from both LCU and one of the following accredited partnership schools through concurrent enrollment. Get a leg up on your college plans and transfer LCU credits, choose from hundreds of degree programs and accelerated degree options, and receive special tuition discounts. Accelerate your training and education journey, or enroll as an alum and receive the same benefits! For more information, please visit the official partnership page.

2024-2025 School Year Schedule & Calendar



Classroom time occurs Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM until 1:00 PM.

LCU Year 1
Last Day to Apply for On Campus: July 22, 2024
Last Day to Apply for Online: August 12, 2024
New Student Orientation: August 22, 2024
First Day of Classes: August 26, 2024
Last Day of School: May 22, 2025

Click the School Year Calendar button below to see our full calendar, including application dates, payment dates, and holidays/breaks.


8:30 AM   Worship

9:15 AM   Classes

11:30 AM   Outreach


8:30 AM  Worship

9:00 AM   Classes

11:30 AM   Outreach


8:30 AM   Worship

9:15 AM   Classes

11:30 AM   Electives


8:30 AM   Prayer/Worship

9:00 AM   Classes

11:30 AM   Life Groups